剑桥文理与剑桥艺术学校中国(CATS China & CSVPA China)中国传统佳节系列-2023癸卯兔年红包设计比赛圆满成功,经过大众投票及艺术组专业老师的评选后,现评选出最佳人气奖、专业评审奖以及出彩设计奖,具体获奖名单如下:




The Most Popular Award
Jack Xu -《CRUSH》


The Amazing Idea Awards
Umi Zhou – 《2023》

Yola Li – 《兔子懋》


The Great Design Awards
Freya Lin -《通道》

Connor Cui – 《很可能兔子》

Wendy Wang – 《兔包》

Mark Zhang – 《喜红月》

Henry Xu – 《两个世界》



Jack Xu作品

For the red envelope cover pattern, I made a bold attempt to combine the lovely elements with the Chinese style. The head of the rabbit is designed with a cute image, similar to the hairy texture, and the two big eyes are the key to highlight the rabbit’s characteristic.

Secondly, the ancient clothes and hats were selected. The colors were dyed by lines and added with some randomness, which broke the law of original color superposition and presented an abstract aesthetic feeling.

Different materials, brush attempts, cute and ancient style collision, different from the traditional red envelope, it is presented in the way of folding, more attention to people’s interaction, through the selection – code scanning – message punch card – red envelope relay – transmission, this set of interesting process, to give every participant a New Year warmth.


Umi Zhou作品

While retaining the traditional red main color cover, I adjusted the tone slightly to make it produce a different visual effect. The golden part of the cover also adds interest to the monotonous cover. The pattern on the front and back of the red envelope can be perfectly connected, and the real pattern of the red envelope can only be seen when the front and back of the two red envelopes are put together. This enhances interaction with your friends and family.

In addition, I also designed small hanging cards and stickers on the inside of the red envelope. The card contains a number mark of 1~31. You can attach a sticker to the corresponding number every time a day has passed. As the 31 days have passed, a scarf rabbit will slowly appear. You can choose to hang your card at home or give it to friends and family, which will become an unforgettable memory for sure.


Yola Li作品

The style of this red envelope borrows from Klimt’s painting style, and I extracted some elements that he often used in the picture, because I think Klimt’s works are very decorative and suitable for use on red envelopes. In terms of color, I kept the traditional red as the base color, and then added some more jumpy colors, because I wanted to achieve some fairy tale style effects.

In terms of design, I have innovated on the traditional red envelopes and added grating elements. In this way, when the user takes out the money from the red envelope, they can see the animation of a little rabbit. I also made some changes to the traditional image of the rabbit, changing the eyes into the image of ancient Chinese copper coins and adding red envelopes. Overall fun. In the end, I wish everyone have a happy new year!


Freya Lin作品

The end of the cave is getting brighter and brighter, what will be some kind of scenery, isochronous ferryman will take you into the “channel” each layer will have the corresponding “reward” is placed into it.


Connor Cui作品

It’s a red envelope themed around the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese red pocket, but it’s not red.



Wendy Wang作品

Rabbit packet is short for rabbit red envelope.


Mark Zhang作品

In the warm and beautiful scenery, the sky brings joy. The moon in the sky is smiling, and the moon’s smile represents the beginning of the New Year. To celebrate the arrival of the New Year, I made a rabbit red envelope. There’re two rabbits and two pockets. One is a black rabbit named Leap Moon, and it has a red hat and a red sweater, which represents the upright, mysterious. And the other is a white rabbit named Yuyue, which wears a red coat. Yuyue represents pure, dignified. There is a word in China that black rabbit to send money, double spring wheat when firewood; white rabbit means blessing to New Year and healthy. Red, orange and pink are used in the background to represent warmth, health and enthusiasm. To combine them together that represent happiness.


Henry Xu作品

At the beginning of the New Year, firecrackers sound, from two dimensional rabbits together to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Lifelike rabbits, elegant hazy auspicious clouds, golden light shining blessing. Expressed the expectation and vision of the New Year. A symbol of the New Year’s red, elegant and bright yellow foreshadowing each other, jointly casting the New Year’s wishes.